USPS has consolidated ground shipping options by combining USPS Retail Ground®, First-Class-Package®, and Parcel Select Ground® into a single service: USPS Ground Advantage™.
Yes, combined shipping is offered. Your cart will auto-calculate the combined shipping during the checkout process. You can always contact us should there be an issue with shipping.
Combined shipping is offered at the time of checkout by the cart auto-calculating the correct combined shipping. Purchases made on a different day are not eligible for combined shipping with previous orders.
We have been known to consider an offer. Use the “Contact Seller” link to the right of each listing page of the item of interest. Use this link for each card you are interested in making the offer. Do not combine them in one contact. The link gives me the information about the card needed to make a decision............ Listing and selling postcards is labor intensive as well as a labor of love. Low ball offers will not be considered............ If we arrive at a mutually agreed price, a promo code wii be sent that can be used at checkout reflecting the price adjustment agreed upon.
Yes, a purchase can be returned for a full purchase price of the item, not including postage (either sent or return postage). Please ask your questions prior to buying.
Yes ..... Arrangements must be made via the "Contact Seller" on the postcard(s) listing page for the time and place of pickup. You must pay for postcards in advance and your postage fee will be reimbursed back to your credit card after pickup, not the same day........... Failure to pickup the postcards on agreed time will give us the right to mail them to your address as given by your Paypal or credit card payment. Failure to pick your postcard(s) up does not void the transaction.
Yes, we have many postcards and sell on several different venues. Please contact us using the contact link. If you see the category already there but "0", it means we haven't gotten to that category yet. Tell us: 1. what you are looking for 2. what price range 3. any other information that makes contacting you easy
Yes, we do! --- 1) We buy postcards that are from an estate. --- 2) Bought from a yard sale, estate, or auction and haven't been picked over. ------ What info do I need? --- 1) How many do you have? --- 2) Condition --- 3) Topic - subject matter --- 4) How much do you want for the lot --- 5) Images